Elephant Micah - Hydrilla
Hydrilla is a remixed boat tour of Wakulla Springs, a protected freshwater spring near Tallahassee, Florida. The piece is a collaboration with musician Joseph O'Connell (Elephant Micah) and is interspersed with excerpts of narration from a local tour guide. Over the course of the piece, the naturalist comments on historical ties between local arboreal life and the industrial production of dynamite, the perseverance of a tree decimated by lightning, and, finally, the virtues of the Florida Manatee.  


Mirah - No Direction Home
from the album Changing Light


Deerhoof - Mirror Monster
from the album La Isla Bonita

Magnolia Electric Co - A Little at a Time
from the album Fading Trails (2007)

Directed by Todd Chandler
Cinematography by Ava Berkofsky and Todd Chandler
Produced by Tim Sutton

The Road Becomes What You Leave

The Road Becomes What You Leave is a meditative documentary following the band Magnolia Electric Co. as as they travel across the prairies of Canada.

Directed by Todd Chandler
Photographed by Ava Berkofsky
Produced by Tim Sutton  and Secretly Canadian